About Tom Ross

Tom RossWorld Class Instructor and Columnist for Billiard’s Digest

Learning is a process, uniquely personal for every student and nobody in the field is more acutely aware of the individual than Tom Ross.  Since 1978 Tom has personally taught over 4,500 students from every walk of life and every level of play, from beginners to National Champions.  And each month he reaches thousands through his writing.  Best known for delving into the mental game every month with his In Focus column in Billiards Digest, Tom also writes a monthly technical piece for Cue Times Billiard News, which had appeared nonstop from 1998. In addition, he is published monthly in Professor Q-Ball.  His web presence now offers his Complete Instructional Works (on CD) and the Video Encyclopedia of Pool Shots (on DVD) for purchase.

Tom has mastered all aspects of teaching and offers his unique technology for uncovering the best possible player in everyone, technology that is unmatched anywhere.  Through a combination of perfect mechanics, stroke, table management, and finally, self management, every student learns to embed the essential skills and then apply them confidently when it matters most.

“I derive my greatest pleasure from meeting and working with individuals from every conceivable background on a daily basis.  Bring me an engineer and a violinist and, in a short time, the door opens as both find that they love pool as something they’ve known for years.” ~ TR

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