Tim “The Monk” Miller World-Famous Instructor and Best-Selling Author

"The Monk"For over 25 years Tom Ross has been a Billiards Instructor.  He brings joy and success to other players. Tom previously offered a free clinic every Thursday at a pool hall in Denver.  There was something magical about Tom’s programs.  He has had as his guest, The Monk, Bert Kinnister, Kim Davenport, Tom “Dr. Cue” Rossman, Laura Smith, and Megan Minerich teaching his Thursday night class.  He also offered personal one on one training, along with workshops each month.  Tom Ross is a Master Monk 101 and 202 instructor.  He has worked with both The Monk and Tom Rossman for several years.

Master the way you think and you become the Master

Tom Ross guided Jackie Broadhurst to the BCA National Eight Ball Championships with a specialized one on one training program he designed just for her.  She went from a novice to a world class competitor under his teachings.  Tom has had great success with his students.

He was a writer for the “Billiard Digest Magazine”.  He also contributed to the “Colorado Billiard News” and “The Monk Reloaded”.

I personally think Tom Ross is the one of the very few premiere teachers in this game today.  He is dedicated to his students and his work.  Often times you would find Tom the last one in the pool hall long after the workshop is over, helping players with their game.

Tom took his work seriously and expected his students to work hard for positive results.  His knowledge of the game and systems and strokes is unmatched by anyone in his field.  He is a well-rounded instructor.  I am proud to call him my friend.

– Tim Miller, “The Monk”

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