Sammantha Diep 2004 Valley National 9-Ball Champion

Samm DiepAfter witnessing the proven success that Jackie Broadhurst experienced from working with Tom, I wanted a taste of it myself.  I began training with him in July of 2003.  I was very excited and immediately impressed by his ability to assess the current level of my game.  We worked together to improve my weaknesses (my position play, my break, and my stance) and further developed my strengths (my strategy, my ambition/focus, and my stroke).  After a few months of working with him, I began winning or cashed in various tournaments where top-level local players showed up regularly.

I have since referred many of my peers to seek Tom’s expertise on the game.  I am often approached by spectators requesting tips or pointers around town.  I just send them to Tom’s free Thursday night clinic.  It’s amazing that he has run this clinic for over 10 years every Thursday night and he never runs out of topics to cover.  He always draws a crowd and keeps everyone interested.  You never walk away without learning something.  I still attend them almost regularly.

I have worked with a handful of other instructors and the most remarkable thing about Tom is that he is able to execute anything he describes.  Not only is he an outstanding instructor but he is a champion pool player himself.  With many wins from 3-cushion to straight pool to 9-ball, his experience is part of what makes him such a great teacher.  No matter what he is teaching you, he is able to demonstrate it and show you how it’s done.  Tom is also a very good communicator and is able to get his point across directly and answer any question that comes up.

I commend Tom for all his hard work in the community and for helping me strive for my goals.  This past year of working with him has been incredibly rewarding and the tremendous improvement in my game will only continue.

-Samm Diep

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